ring (past tense rang)

ring (past tense rang)
ring1 (past tense rang [ ræŋ ] ; past participle rung [ rʌŋ ] ) verb ***
1. ) transitive to make a bell produce a sound:
He rang the doorbell.
a ) intransitive if a bell rings, it produces a sound:
A bell rang and the children trooped back into the school.
b ) intransitive or transitive to ring a bell as a signal for someone to come to you or help you:
ring for: Please ring for assistance.
2. ) intransitive to make a continuous loud high sound:
The cobblestones rang beneath the horses' feet.
a ) ring with LITERARY if a place rings with a sound, it is full of a loud sound:
The room rang with his frightened cries.
b ) if a sound rings in a place, it is loud and you can hear it clearly:
A great cheer rang through the hall.
3. ) intransitive if your ears ring, you continue to hear a loud sound in your head for a short time after you have heard a loud noise or someone has hit you:
The sound of the shot left Rory's ears ringing.
a ) ring in your ears if something such as someone's words ring in your ears, you feel that you can still hear them after that person has stopped speaking:
With his words ringing in her ears, she ran up the stairs.
4. ) transitive to surround someone or something, especially in order to protect them or to prevent them from escaping:
Protesters carrying signs ringed the embassy.
Ringed by soldiers for protection, he tried to address the crowd.
a ) to draw a circle around something, especially to show that you have chosen it or to make it easy to notice: CIRCLE:
She ringed the date on the calendar in the kitchen.
b ) MAINLY BRITISH to put a metal ring with a special number on it around the leg of a bird so that you can recognize it again later. American usually tag
ring a bell INFORMAL
something that rings a bell sounds familiar to you, although you cannot remember the exact details:
The name rings a bell. Isn't he an architect?
ring hollow
to sound false or not sincere:
The company's claim that it is innocent of any wrongdoing rings hollow.
ring true
to sound true or sincere:
It was a possible explanation, but it didn't quite ring true.
,ring `in phrasal verb
ring in the New Year
to ring bells to celebrate the beginning of a new year
,ring `out phrasal verb intransitive MAINLY LITERARY
to produce a loud clear sound:
Rob's laughter rang out in the large room.
,ring `round or ,ring a`round phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
ring round/around someone/something to phone several people or corporations, etc. in order to arrange something or to get information
,ring `up phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to record an amount of money by pressing buttons on a CASH REGISTER:
She rang up our purchases quickly and we left.
2. ) to make or lose a particular amount of money in sales, profits, or losses in a period of time:
The bank rang up about $600 million in losses on bad loans.
ring 2 [ rıŋ ] noun ***
▸ 1 jewelry/circle
▸ 2 bell sound
▸ 3 in boxing/wrestling
▸ 4 group doing activity
▸ 5 quality
▸ 6 sound of phone
1. ) count a piece of jewelry in the form of a circle that you wear on a finger:
a gold ring
ring on: She had a ring on every finger.
wedding ring: He's married but he doesn't wear a wedding ring.
a ) an object in the shape of a circle:
onion rings
curtain rings
b ) a line or shape that forms a ring:
She had dark rings under her eyes from tiredness.
c ) a group of people or things that form a ring: CIRCLE:
ring of: He glanced around the ring of faces waiting for him to speak.
in a ring (=arranged in the shape of the edge of a circle): They sat in a ring around the fire.
d ) MAINLY BRITISH a flat circle heated by gas or electricity on the top of a STOVE
2. ) count the sound that a bell produces:
He was interrupted by the ring of the timer bell.
a ) count an act of making a bell produce a sound:
Impatiently she gave the doorbell another ring.
b ) singular a sound like a bell:
The ring of his hammer echoed round the square.
3. ) count a raised square area surrounded by ropes where people take part in BOXING or WRESTLING
a ) the ring the sport of BOXING or WRESTLING:
Dempsey today announced his retirement from the ring.
b ) an area surrounded by seats at a CIRCUS
4. ) count a group of people involved in an activity, especially an illegal one:
The officer was suspected of involvement in an international drug ring.
5. ) singular a particular quality that something such as a statement seems to have:
Her account has a ring of authenticity about it.
have a ring of truth: His version of events had a ring of truth.
have a familiar ring: This story may have a familiar ring to it.
6. ) count a sound produced by a phone when someone calls you
a ) give someone a ring BRITISH INFORMAL to phone someone
run rings around someone INFORMAL
to be much better at something than someone else:
My kids run rings around me when it comes to using the Internet.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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